New access road

We are pleased to announce that we started with the construction of the new access road between the N217 and the future business campus SHIPP 21. This will result in less traffic nuisance and more safety for the residents of Puttershoek.

The new road is an extension of the Polderweg, starts at the intersection with Blaaksedijk and connects to the Postweg. This road will be extended, parallel to the Reeweg, in the direction of Het Weegje.

The preparatory work for the realization of the access road started on 8 November 2021. We have decided to supply the sand via the Oude Maas in order to limit the traffic nuisance caused by work traffic on the surrounding roads.

At the beginning of 2022 we will start with construction phase 1: a warehouse of approximately 21,500 m2. Phase 1 consists of four units that vary in size from approximately 4,000 to 6,500 m2. The units can be used separately and can also be connected if a tenant needs more than one unit.

The entire project will be coordinated by Heylen Warehouses, on behalf of owner AG Real Estate.

Masterplan SHIPP

Shipp ENG
The WharfNew connecting road with N217Depot 2Depot 1The WaterfrontThe DockyardSolar fieldInland portGreensGreensGreensWaterWaterWaterWaterWater

The Wharf

- 35.000 SQM plot

- switchable units from 5,000 Sqm

- overhead gates

- 2 docks per unit

New connecting road with N217

Depot 2

- +/- 159.000 SQM plot

- interconnectable units

- 1 dock per 1000m²

- 1 sectional gate per unit

- suitable for large-scale logistics

Depot 1

- +/- 67.000 SQM plot

- interconnectable units from 4,000 to 6,000 Sqm suitable for logistics or light industry

- units of 730 Sqm incl. mezzanine and office for SME

- 1 dock per 1000m²

- 1 sectional gate per unit

- 5 tonne overhead crane option

The Waterfront

- +/- 59.900 SQM plot

- interconnectable units of 2,500 Sqm

- construction for overhead crane up to 5 tonnes

The Dockyard

- +/- 92.100 SQM plot

- container stacking area

- interconnectable units possible

- overhead cranes up to 25 tonnes

- port related activities

Solar field

Inland port